CHIPKO MOVEMNT : Google Tribute Know everything about the movement

Chipko Movemnt

  • The movement Begin in 1973.
  • When Industrial giants attempted to spread their tentacles into the forest lands of Uttarakhand (then Uttar Pradesh), they were met with one of the biggest environmental movements in Indian history
  • Historically speaking, it had been inspired by a movement that had sparked off in 1730 AD in a small village close to Jodhpur in Rajasthan. When the ruler of Marwar, Maharaja Abhay Singh, ordered cutting down of the local Khejri trees for the sake of building his new palace, Amrita Devi, along with her three young daughters, laid down their lives in protest.

Who Started The movement?

  • Gaura Devi, a middle-aged Bhotia woman, who managed to mobilise about 30 women of her village to step out of their homes and protect the green cover of their lands with their lives.
  • The movement was soon acknowledged by the government of India, and they forced the company to withdraw from the region.

Effects of Chipko Movement