General-Knowledge MCQ-Indian Geography Set-2

1.Consider the following, which of these are correct?

I. Siachen, Baltoro, Biafo and Hisper are glaciers in the Karakoram Range
II. The highest peak of Ladhak range is Mt Rakaposhi which is the steepest peak in the world

  1. i or ii
  2. ii only
  3. i only
  4. i and ii

2. Match the following

                Name                                         Location

i) Punjab Himalaya                 a) Between Kali and Tist

ii) Kumaon Himalaya              b) Between Satluj and Kali

iii) Nepal Himalaya                 c) Between Tista and Dihang

iv) Assam Himalaya               d) Between Indus and Satluj

  1. i- d, ii- b, iii-a, iv-c
  2. i-a, ii-b, iii-c, iv-d
  3. i-b, ii-c, iii-d, iv-a
  4. i-c, ii-a,iii-d, iv-b

3. Duncan Passage is situated between:

  1. Minicoy and Amindiv
  2. Minicoy and Maldives
  3. Little Andaman and Car Nicobar
  4. South Andaman and Little Andaman

4. The largest population of Scheduled Tribes is in:

  1. Himachal Pradesh
  2. Madhya Pradesh
  3. Arunachal Pradesh
  4. Sikkim

5. Ten Degree Channel is between

  1. Dover and Calais
  2. Alaska and Russia
  3. Little Andaman and Car Nicobar
  4. North Korea and South Korea

6. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of the age of formation-from the youngest to the oldest-of the given mountain ranges?

  1. Himalayas, Vindhyas, Western Ghats, Deccan Traps
  2. Deccan Traps, Western Ghats, Vindhyas, Himalayas
  3. Himalayas, Western Ghats, Vindhayas, Deccan Traps
  4. Vindhyas, Himalayas, Deccan Traps, Western Ghats

7. Consider the following statements and identify the right ones:

I. The Greater Himalayas are known for their profound continuity.

II. The Lesser Himalayas are characterized by their broadness and longitudinal valleys.

III. The Shiwalik is the outer Himalayas which is youngest in the origin.

  1. I and II only
  2. II and III only
  3. None
  4. All

8. If the usual rule of calculation of time were applied for the extremes of Gujarat and Arunachal Pradesh, then approximately time:

  1. at Gujarat would be ahead of that at Arunachal Pradesh by about 3 hours
  2. at Gujarat would be ahead of that at Arunachal Pradesh by about 2 hours
  3. at Arunachal Pradesh would be ahead of that at Gujarat by about 3 hours
  4.  at Arunachal Pradesh would be ahead of that at Gujarat by about 2 hours

9. ‘Indian Standard Meridian’ passes through the states of

  1. MP, AP and Karnataka
  2. UP, MP, AP and Tamil Nadu
  3. UP, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
  4. UP, MP,Orissa and AP

10. The Lakshadweep Islands are situated in which of the following Sea?

  1. Indian Ocean
  2. Arabian Sea
  3. Bay of Bengal
  4. none of these

11. Arakan Yoma is the extension of the Himalayas located in:

  1. Kashmir
  2. Nepal
  3. Baluchistan
  4. Myanmar

12. Which foreign country is closest to Andaman Islands?

  1. Sri Lanka
  2. Myanmar
  3. Indonesia
  4. Pakistan

13. The transport route connecting the Kashmir from Leh crosses the high mountain ranges at the:

  1. Rohtang pass
  2. Karakoram pass
  3. Banihal pass
  4. Drati pass

14. Consider the following, which of these is incorrect?

i) Mishmi Hills is the highest range of Purvanchal Hills

ii) Mizo Hills were previously known as Lushai Hills

iii) Lohtak Lake is situated in the Manipur hills

  1. i and ii
  2. ii and iii
  3. none of the above
  4. i and iii

15. Yamuna, Ghagra, Gomti, Kosi and Son are tributaries of

  1. Ganga
  2. Brahmaputra
  3. Indus
  4. Yamuna