General-Knowledge MCQ-Indian History Set-5

1.Match the following:

List-I                                                                                        List-II

 Swaraj is my birth right                                                          1. Moderates

 It is not reforms but re-form                                                   2. Lajpat Rai

 A subject people has no soul                                                 3. BC Pal

 Policy of petitions, prayers and protests                                4. Tilak

              Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:


  1.  1 2 3 4
  2.  4 3 2 1
  3.  3 4 2 1
  4.  2 1 3 4

2. Who said that the constant ‘drain of wealth’ from India was responsible for India’s economic miseries?

  1.  BC Pal
  2.  BP Wadia
  3.  Dadabhai Naoroji
  4.  GS Arundale

3. As per the Act of 1919 which of the following statements was not correct?

  1.   British India must remain an integral part of the British Empire.
  2.  Responsible Government would be realised only by the progressive stages.
  3.  Provincial subjects were classified into Reserved subjects and Transferred subjects.
  4.  The salary of the Secretary of State for India was not to be paid by Parliament.

4. As per the Act of 1919 which of the following was not a Transferred subject?

  1.   Education
  2.  Museum
  3.  Medical Relief
  4.  Land Revenue

5. Identify the social reformers of Maharashtra who adopted the pen name of “Lokahitawadi”?

  1.  Atmaram Panduranga
  2.  Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  3.  Gopal Hari Deshmukh
  4.  Krishna Shastri Chaplunkar

6. Who among the following was the Minister and Chief Advisor of Nana Saheb Peshwa?

  1.  Wajid Ali Shah
  2.  Azimullah Khan
  3.  Maulvi Ahmad Shah
  4.  Amirullah Khan

7. Which of the following cities was capital of Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

  1.  Amritsar
  2.  Patiala
  3.  Lahore
  4.  Kapurthala

8. As per Warren Hastings reforms, which among the following court was set up as appeal court in criminal cases?

  1. Circuit court
  2. Provincial Court
  3. Sadar Diwani Adalat
  4. Sadar Nizamat Adalat

9. “The most unqualified blunder committed in the whole history of the British India” This commentby JJ McLeod points to which among the following wars?

  1. First Anglo Afghan War
  2. Second Anglo-Afghan War
  3. Third Anglo-Afghan War
  4. First Anglo Sikh War

10. Which of following statement is/are correct about the Home Rule Movement

  1. Idea of Home Rule was suggested by the Anne Besant in Bombay session in 1915.
  2. During this movement, Tilak gave statement that ‘ Swaraj is my Birthright’
  3. Sindhi Community participated for first time in freedom struggle during the Home Rule Movement
  4. All  of the above

11. Which of following statement is / are correct about the Non-Cooperation Movement?

  1. Rowlatt Act , Jallianwala Bagh massacre and other forms of oppression were main reasons behind this movement
  2. It attracted the masses
  3. Chaura-Chauri incident was responsible for withdrawal of this movement.
  4. All of the above

12. Who introduced The Vernacular Press Act, to curb the freedom of Indian Press?

  1.  Lord Lytton
  2.  Lord Irwin
  3.  Lord Linlithgow
  4.  Lord Ripon

13. Who was known as the father of Local Self Government?

  1.  Lord Lytton
  2.  Lord Irwin
  3.  Lord Linlithgow
  4.  Lord Ripon

14. Which Viceroys of India had passed the Ancient Monuments Preservation Act and Indian University Act in 1904?

  1.  Lord Curzon
  2.  Lord Irwin
  3.  Lord Linlithgow
  4.  Lord Ripon

15. Indian National Congress was formed in the year

  1.  1885
  2.  1886
  3.  1884
  4.  1888