Lakes in Himachal Pradesh


  1. Bilaspur district :-Govind Sagar largest man –made lake in Himachal Pradesh ,the area of this lake is about 168 sq. km and it exists between Slapper and Bhakra village at 88km .length . Famous Sandhu ground of Bilaspur got submerged in this lake
  2. Chamba District :- Ghadasaru lake ,
  • Khajjiar lake
  • Lama lake
  • Manimahesh lake (3,950 altitude)
  • Mahakali lake
  • Chamera (Artificial lake)

3. Kangra District:- Dal Lake(Lama Dal Lake)

  • Kareri Lake
  • Pong Lake (artificial lake)
  • Bhagsunath (Dharamshala )

4. Mandi District
:- Kumarwah Lake

  • Rewalsar Lake
  • Prashar Lake
  • Kunt Bhyog Lake (Kuntamya Lake)
  • Karasar lake
  • Sukhsar Lake
  • Pandoh (artificial lake)
  • Macchial lake (Joindernager )

5. Kullu District :- Servalsar Lake

  • Bhrigu Lake
  • Dashahr Lake (Dashaur) (also known as SarkunD and Shela Shar)
  • Mantilai Lake(source of Parvati River)

6. Lahaul-Spiti District:- Unam-so-lake

  • Suraj Tal Lake
  • Chandratal Lake
  • Dhankar lake( Spiti)


7. Shimla District :-

  • Chandranahan lake
  • Tanu Jubbal Lake (Thanedar ;Kotgrah)
  • Karyali lake (SUNI)
  • Bradasar Lake(Rohru)
  • Garah kuffar lake(Majharana ;Theog)
  • Kharshali lake (Chirgaon )

8. Kinnaur Lake :- Nako Lake


9. Sirmaur Lake:- RenukuaLake (Saketi lake) largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh with circumference 3.214

Renuka lake’s shape resemble to that of a sleeping or reclining woman who is regarding as the embodiment of goddess Renuka wife of sage Jamadagini and mother of Parshuram


Important points about lakes of Himachal Pradesh

  • Pandava brother Arjun pierced the earth with his arrow to dig out water in order to quench the thirst of Kunti and as a result, the lake that emerged is known as kuntamya lake (kunt bhyog )
  • The monastery situated on the banks of Rewalsar lake is Nyingmapa Monastery
  • A Buddhist sage ,who was a great teacher and a tantrik,went to Tibet from Rewalsar in order to spread Mahayana Buddhist was Padmasambhava
  • The floating island in Rewalsar lake ,supposed to contain the spirit of Padmasambhava ,are locally known as Bere
  • According to Skanda Purana ,the Hindu worship Rewalsar as the tapobhumi of sage Lomash
  • The other lakes in Rewalsar associated with the escape of the Pandavas from the burning palace of wax (Laksha Ghirha )an episode from the epic Mahabharata are kunt-bhyog ,such –sar , kala-sar.
  • Rewalsar has a Buddhist monastery ,a Hindu temple and a Sikh Gurudwara on its banks.
  • There are seven floating island i.e bead float in the Rewalser lake
  • The ancient name of Rewalsar is Hridayleshwer lake
  • Karyali lake is located on the northern face of the famous peak of Chotti Shali.
  • Lama Dal Lake is a group of seven lakes.
  • Pong lake is named in the honour of the great patriot Maharana Pratap and hence the other name of Pong Dam is Maharana Pratap Sager Lake. Pong Lake having 220 species of birds and 54 families in its wetland area, and was notified as a wild life sanctuary in 1983. Regional water sports center was established at Pong Lake in 1983AD
  • The Dal Lake in DHarmshala is rounded by the Deodar(pine) trees and a shiva temple. Every year ,in the month of September ,a festival is celebrated on its banks which is mainly attended by the migrant tribe of Gaddis
  • Footprint –like impression ascribed to the saint Padmasambhava are found around lake Nako
  • Which lake is believed to have been created as a result of a meteor fall- Khajjiar
  • Total geographical area covered by lake in H.Pis only 1%
  • Lama Dal lake held sacred to Lord Shiva and it lies amidest bare rocks .the latterly meaning of Lama Dal Lake is A LONG LAKE
  • Gobind Sagar lake hosts a variety of water and shore birds and it declared a ‘Water Fowl Refuge’ in 1962
  • According to some believers ,Chandra Tal is the spot from where the god Indra ‘s chariot took the eldest Pandavas brother Yudhister to heaven in his mortal form
  • Near the feet of Renuka lake is another lake held sacred to her son Parshuram
  • Which lake is believed to have built overnight in the eighteen century- Renuka
  • it is said about Saruvalsar lake in Seraj area of Kullu that not even a blend of grass remain on this lake because the moment some leaves drop on it ,a sparrow ,locally called ‘Aabhi’ come and picks up the grass and leave the lake neat and clean
  • Dhauladhar is famous for its group of seven lakes
  • Parashar lake in mandi has been named after Sage Parashar ,the grandson of Rishi Vashishth and the son of Shakti Muni
  • According to a story, Akbar’s Daughter was healed of paralysis in Dashar lake .
  • Bhrigu Rishi mediate and written Bhrigu Samhita on the bank of Bhrigu Lake