Water Resources of Himachal Pradesh- Hot, Cold Water Spring and Kund

Himachal Pradesh has abundant water resources. From some breathtaking waterfalls to springs and Kund this state is blessed with a lot of natural resources.

Rainfall And Snowfall

  • The average annual rainfall in H.P.is 63-65inches(181.6cm)
  • More than half of rainfall in the Himalayas occur due to South –West Monsoon
  • The snowline in H.P. is 4,500m
  • The 33% area of H.P. remain under permanent snow.
  • In Dhauladhar mountain range ,snowline starts at a place called ILA
  • The place receives the lowest annual rainfall in H.P. is Spiti(50mm)
  • The place receives the heaviest rainfall in H.P.is Dharmashala (3400mm)(340cms)
  • Rainy season in H.P. is locally called Barsat
  • Hot season in Himachal is locally known as Taundi
  • Cold season in Himachal is locally known as Hiyund
  • Spiti is the driest area in Himachal Pradesh ,having lowest rainfall and hence called as Cold desert

Waterfalls of Himachal Pradesh

  • Satdhara waterfall near Panjpulla is in district Chamba
  • Rahalla waterfall is in Kullu
  • Chadwick waterfall is in Summer Hill (Shimla)
  • Kalika waterfall is in district Chamba
  • Dhanchho waterfall is in district Chamba(Bharmour)
  • Bhagsunath waterfall is in Dharmashala (McLeod gang)
  • Sissu waterfall is in Lahaul
  • Bundla waterfall is in district Kangra (Palampur)
  • Palani waterfall is in Kullu
  • Jogini waterfall is in Mandi
  • Chobu waterfall is in Baijnath

Kund of Himachal Pradesh



Vyas kund,Nehru kund(Manali (named so because Jawahar Lal Nehru used to love it)), Vashishta kund(Manali) Kullu
Achhar kund Kangra (bhawan )
Kurukshetra kund , chakra kund ,Rama kund, Sita kund,Rukmani kund Bilaspur
Kopra kund (Nadaun) Hamirpur
Kalika kund , Gauri kund Mehal Nag (Churah valley),Dain kund Chamba
Lunani and Salol kund(discovered by capt. A.Coleman ),Baijnath kund(plum valley) Kangra
Guru kund (Nalagrah) Solan
  • Sar Kund is located near Rohtang pass
  • Gauri Kund near Mani Mahesh where women take a holy dip. it is said that goddess Parvati used to bath in this Kund
  • Dain Kund affords a beautiful view of the three rivers Ravi, Beas ,Chenab on a clear day


  • Kandror bridge was constructed in 1965 over Satluj in district Bilaspur (Ghumarwin ).It is the highest bridge in Asia (60m)
  • Ponta Bridge- over river Yamuna and connects Nahan –Dherudun
  • Kandror Bridge –over river Satluj and connects Bilaspur-Hamirpur
  • Slapper Bridge –over river Satluj and connects Shimla-Mandi
  • Luhri Bridge-Over river Satluj and connects Shimla –kullu
  • Wangtu Bridge- over river Satluj connects Shimla- Kinnaur
  • Tattapani Bridge- over river Satluj connect Shimla –Mandi
  • Sona Bridge- over river Sona and connects Kangra and Una district with Hoshiarpur
  • Dehra Gopipur Bridge –over river Beas connect Dharmashala and Hoshiarpur
  • Ghambar Bridge over river Ghambar connecting Bilaspur and Kiratpur
  • Victoria Bridge –over river Beas connecting Mandi-Pathankot
  • Nadaun Bridge –over river Beas connecting Jawalamukhi –Hamirpur
  • Pandoh Bridge –over river Beas connecting Kullu and Mandi
  • Kharamukha Bridge – over river Ravi connecting Chamba –Bharmour
  • Chamba Bridge –over river Ravi connecting Chamba –Pathankot
  • Rakh bridge – over river Ravi connecting Chamba –Bharmour
  • Chakki Bridge – over river chakki connecting Kangra and Pathankot
  • Sataun Bridge-over river Giri connects Jagadhri –Rajban
  • Victoria bridge was constructed in Mandi town over river Beas by Raja Bir Sen in 1877AD

Hot Water Spring:-

There are plenty of resources of Hot water spring in Himachal Pradesh.

1. Kullu District:

  • Manikarn Spring
  • Kasol Spring
  • Pulga spring
  • Khirganga Spring
  • Vashisht Spring
  • Kalath Spring

2. Shimla District:- Jeori Spring

3. Mandi District :- Tattapani Spring

4. Kangra District :- Salol Spring

  • Salol Spring
  • Tira Spring

5. Solan District :- Jaoni Spring

6. Kinnaur District:- Changrizang Spring

7. Sirmaur District :- Shivapuri Spring

8. Chamba District:-

  • Nagini Spring
  • Tilmili spring

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  • Manikaran located in Parvati valley. The bath in the water of this spring to be useful for curing pneumonia, gout, rheumatism, muscular pains and bronchitis quite rapidly.
  • According to a legend, Tattapani hot water springs came into being as saint Jamdagini dig them out to entertain his guest King.
  • Tilmili is the name of that large natural spring at village Dharwas 9 km. from Pangi, from where water used to be sent to the Raja of Chamba.

Cold Water Spring of Himachal Pradesh

  • Cold water spring is at Rudra Nag 12km. from Manikaran (Kullu)